Statement on new disciplinaries

A full 70 days after the February the 15th Protest Against the Ban on Protests, the university has initiated disciplinary investigations into an unknown number of students in attendance at the demonstration. They have informed them that they “might have breached one or more university regulations” and have summoned the students to meetings to be asked questions.

The move has provoked further widespread condemnation of the University for insensitivity in starting such an investigation just as the exam period begins. The Chair of the Postgraduate and Mature Student Association even sent this outraged letter to the university stating he was also at the protest and demanded to also be investigated himself.

Defend Education think the move is a highly politicised abuse of university procedure to get at protestors. The universities own student misconduct policy states investigations should begin within 10 days of an alleged offense. The idea that the university can simply start an investigation at any time for any event should be rejected as it is extremely unfair on students.

A solidarity meeting has been called to organise a defence campaign to make sure no defendant feels isolated or undermined by the investigations into them. Please feel free to come along in support. Defend Education especially encourages all its supporters to attend this meeting.

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