University of Birmingham Corporate Conference Centre occupied by over 100 students from Birmingham and around the country.

SImon Furse has today received an announcement that his disciplinary hearing that took place this morning has been temporararily cancelled. It was cancelled mid-hearing due to procedural irregularities caused by student protest throughout the day, which at one point stormed the room where the hearing was taking place.

We have now occupied the corporate conference centre in protest at the injunction banning occupations and stationary protest at the University of Birmingham. Students from Birmingham and around the country are currently discussing the next stages of our protest and campaign.

We stand united for accessible and democratic education, the right to protest, and against tuition fees and the marketisation of education being implemented by the government and University managements here and across the country. We stand in Solidarity with SImon and all others suffering victimisation for exercising their right to protest peacefully.

Our demand are the following:

1. Drop the disciplinary against Simon Furse
2. Drop the injuction.
3. A guarantee that there will be no repercussions for students involved in the protest


University of Birmingham
Univesity of Edinburgh
University College London
University of Liverpool
Lancaster University
Sheffield University
Leeds University
Royal Holloway (University of London)
Surrey NUT
Roehampton University
National Union of Students
Warwick University
Bristol University
Sheffield Hallam University
Newman University College
Birmingham City University
Aston University


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4 responses to “University of Birmingham Corporate Conference Centre occupied by over 100 students from Birmingham and around the country.

  1. James Kendrick

    How have the universities signed this? I don’t remember signing anything and I am a UoB student.

  2. Alice

    Good to see the other Universities’ names here too.

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