Simon Furse Hearing – Canceled

Ahead of larger protests today students of the University of Birmingham have shut down the hearing of Simon Furse. This hearing had the power to expel him and was essentially a kangaroo court of university managers. Its continuation flies in the face of everything that we believe university to be about.


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3 responses to “Simon Furse Hearing – Canceled

  1. You know I assume simon was told where the meeting was happening hence how you guys knew where to occupy so not really a kangeroo court, next time though now it might be, as tey might now decide with out him and just invite him to hear the verdict or such, you really need to think of your actions first

  2. YSTClinguist

    ukipboy, where you state Simon’s was apparently constitutional and fully ordered (and its collapse shows it wasn’t) mine certainly wasn’t anything of the sort. My SU held a secret meeting, against their own disciplinary policy, and punished me by stripping me of my membership, then neglected to tell me of their deliberations. My ‘student experience’ has dropped to virtually nothing. I have no access to room bookings, am banned from premises and any booked areas by my SU, banned from societies and social gatherings. Mine certainly was a kangaroo court! Simultaneously they complained to my uni and I suffered a five month long investigation which I was cleared of, yet the SU are delaying my membership reinstatement knowing full well elections for President will give me a chance to run as a candidate and my ideology is different enough from to upset the applecart. I’ve got no one to protect me unlike those who have chosen to held Simon here. Good on those who turned up to protect justice today!

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