Education Rap to help fight cuts and strange uni policy!

Why do we peruse with campus beautification,
While our education lacks modernization?
Do we need to see our library’s translocation?
Or should be see some managerial reorganization?

Wages going up, but just for a few
Lecturer’s see their’s drop, for the same work they do.
Some are getting fired – I’m sorry – being let go,
While others have to take on twice the load.

Liberal reforms make staff voices ceiled.
Thus any deprivation will not be revealed.
They cannot strike, they cannot rebel
Only sit, work and hope that all goes well.

But is this just our Uni, or are other in frustration?
What’s the implication for this multi-culture nation?

Earnings per person are high in UK.
Yet asset concentration is also the same
Few people rich – many are poor
Is that the world that we dream of?

What is your reason? What is the thought?
You say we lack funds to subsidise it all?
You say that the labour market can’t handle it all?

1st reason is strange, as we hear billion of dollars
Being staffed on small islands – tax havens you call ‘em.
Banks getting bailed out (Japan, US and UK)
Yet for us, people, we don’t feel the gain.
The labour market, true, maybe full in UK.
But education is global – not a geographic restrain.
If we do want the world to climb out of poverty
We need smart people in all places – not just London.
UK has a good that is one of the best in the world.
Let us move beyond barriers, let us give to the poor!

Also it gives us the chance to create.
Extend to new areas in innovative ways.
Do not fear the government or the unknown
But step into it and say: “I know”.

N. UoB Student


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2 responses to “Education Rap to help fight cuts and strange uni policy!

  1. Tafkas

    In my head it’s more of a Dylan

  2. bilus

    Oh, please do this on youtube
    Oh, please don’t make us wait
    This rap is cool like ice cubes
    It’s mothafucking great…

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