Call UoB Guild of Students to complain suspension of the VP Education

Add your voice, this Friday, call the guild.

It is coming up to a month since Edd Bauer, the University of Birmingham Guild of Students Vice President of Education has been undemocratically suspended.

We are calling on individuals to call the Guild on the 28/10/1011, between 9-5 to complain about the undemocratic suspension of an elected representative and demand his re-instatement.

The number is 0121 251 2300. Ask to speak to: Mark Harrop, the president; Hugo Sumner, The Vice President Democracy and Resources or Tim Smith, the Vice President Sport, The VP Housing and Comunity Zuki Majuqwana .

Edd Bauer was elected by the student body to be a campaigning vice president, to see what he campaigned on, see

He has been suspended for taking part in a peaceful protest against cuts and tuitions fees. The support national support for Edd Bauer and the commendation of the guild has been overwhelming.  Add your voice to MP’s unions leaders, academics, activists call the guild tomorrow.

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