Nov 2nd, 2pm – Clocktower – March and Rally

This is the begining, rally on campus kickstart the campaign to defend education.

This is it! Invite your friends, family, housemates. Students of Birmingham defend education; Assemble 2pm by the Clocktower at the university of Birmingham.

If you want to be involved in planning the demo, come along to weekly planning meetings mondays at 6pm

Last year the Tory-Lib Dem government scrapped EMA and raised university tuition fees to £9000, betraying election pledges and effectively pricing many …of us out of education. Those who want to go onto masters degrees or doctorates are facing uncapped and rapidly rising fees, at the same time as cuts to what little funding exists to support them. Now the government is attempting to push through a wave of privatisation that threatens to make universities about profit and management, not about students or social justice. Going to uni or getting a decent job will become even more the preserve of the rich.

Last year students, pupils and workers fought back with mass protests, strikes and waves of direct action. We were the biggest youth rebellion since the 1960s, and we aren’t going away. Together we can save education and the welfare state.

Join the fightback stop
-Undergraduate Fees going up £9000!
-Postgraduate fees going up £10,5000!
-Unaffordable halls , half the money paid in rent taken is in profit in university of Birmingham halls!
-Massive pay rises for high paid top university mangers, last round every manager got a 11% pay rise!
-Cuts to our lecturers, contact hours and our courses, we have already lost 200 jobs.
-The University of Birmingham continues to lobby for even higher fees!

Get involved join the Facebook group Stop Fees and Cuts in Birmingham   like Birmingham Occupationon Facebook  and sign up to the Defend Education phone tree text “no fees” to 07988056867

Coach tickets to November 9th are available for £5 text or call 07988056867 to reserve a seat, do this now spaces are limited.

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