Reinstate Edd Bauer, Demonstration

Students gathered in large numbers earlier today, to protest the undemocratic suspension of Edd Bauer the elected VPE education as well as demonstrate their continued commitment to fighting against £9000 tuition fees and regressive cuts .

Edd Bauer was suspended without any consultation with the student body after a peaceful protest at the liberal democrat conference. His suspension has been met with widespread criticism .

During the march the students and staff arrived at the Vice
Chancellor David Eastwood office. Eastwood has made himself unpopular with many students and staff by taking perks such as a free house and jag as well as a 11% pay rise to £392,000 pounds a year while the university is being cut.

At Eastwood’s office the students stopped t0 chant “Eastwood out”, repeating last years demand from students that he resign for his role in lobbying for fees to be put up to £9000 .

The speakers at the demo, encouraged the attendees to get organising for November 9th, the national demo.

see a video of the demo here

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